One of the games made by Valve by cooperating with IceFrog is Dota 2 being one of the games included in the esports category. The game Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) has a long existence.

As from the first annual grand tournament, The International 1, Dota 2 will enter the age of 1 decade with the number of players going up and down, but it can be said that this game is quite stable towards the age of one decade.

The game also managed to become a separate phenomenon and set a record that is difficult to be solved by other esports games, namely as an esports tournament with the largest total prize money at The International 9 with a total cash prize of USD 34,330,068.

Of course, with the success achieved by Dota 2, there are many who use the name Dota 2 as a franchise (franchise), whether legal or illegal, that sells products that are closely related to Dota 2 content such as hero.

Recently there was also a manga published by raising Dota 2 as the focus of the story. The manga is titled “King of Esports Dota 2” which was just published online in Indonesia on March 21, 2020.

Here’s a synopsis of the manga King of Esports Dota 2:

King of Esports Dota 2 created by Charlie Comics Hall tells the story of how far it is from the arcade king to the king of esports. Wang Yafei was discovered by the academy captain of the school Tong Tong for setting a new record in the game room. Dota 2 Master Wei Yushi, form a Dota 2 team! Let’s see how boy Wang Yafei becomes a master step by step with the help of his friends and his own efforts, and goes to glory!

Details about the King of Esports Dota 2 information are still minimal, even there is no information that says whether Charlie Comics Hall has collaborated with Valve to get copyrights to be used as manga.